Item: Enterprise nickel-plated business card holder

Dimensions: 9.5cm l x 6 cm w x 1.7cm d


Metallic Gifts

The dimensions shown are approximate.

Prices are for the gifts only and do not include engraving. 

We can engrave the gifts shown on this page for 40p per letter.

There is a minimum engraving charge of £10 on flat items or

£15 for round items such as around the circumference of the compass or telescope.

You can choose one of the following styles of script 

(other scripts are available).

example a 

example b 


Item: High polished stainless steel decanter label

An engraved decanter label is a wonderful touch to any decanter or bottle.


Item: Round Mirror with flat lid

Dimensions:                                6cm diameter x 1.3cm d


Item: Oval gold-plated key tag

Also available in chrome.

Dimensions: 6.5cm l x 3.5cm w


Item: Memo Holder

This popular corporate gift  features a photo frame on the inside of the lid

Dimensions:    15.3cm l  x 11.5cm w x 2cm d



Item: 1 Pint pewter tankard

Straight design with a satin finish.


Item: LED torch

This handy torch can be attached to a keyring and comes with an engravable tin.

Dimensions: 6.5cm l x 1.3cm w


Item: Bottle Opener

This handy device will open both plastic screw caps and glass bottle tops.

Dimensions: 4.9cm l x 4cm w x 1.2cm d



Item: Magnifier in wooden box (72x18mm)



Item: Small Extendable Brass Telescope

Dimensions: 32cm l



Item: Blue or Claret Engravable Pen

Aluminium barrel and attractive chrome trim.


Item: Money Clip


Silver Plated 5.5cm x 2.5cm £5.70

Gold Plate 5cm x 2.5cm £6.90  

Item: Nickel-plated square trinket box

Dimensions:                          5.4cm l x 5.4cm w x 2.9cm d



Item: Compass

A brass compass which can be engraved on the outside.  Supplied in a lovely wooden box with an optional engraving plate.

Dimensions: 5.5cm l x 5.5 cm w x 1.2cm d


Item: Super Bright LED torch

Comes in an engravable tin.

Dimensions: 9.8cm l x 2.7cm w




Our designs & photographs are the copyright of our designer Maureen Williams. Other Photographs are the copyright of our suppliers.

They may not be copied or duplicated in any format.