Wine Glasses, Goblets & Champagne

The dimensions shown are approximate. 

Prices are for the glassware only and do not include engraving


Simone 24% Lead Crystal Wine Glass

Capacity: 9 fl oz (25.5cl) 

Dimensions:                    17.5cm h x 8.5cm w

Weight: 295g

£12 with standard gift box

Duke Wine Goblet                                 

Capacity: 10 floz (30cl)

Dimensions: 16.5cm h x 8.5cm w

Weight: 340g

£24.50 with satin lined presentation box. 

Crystal Goblet (small)

Capacity 8fl oz (22.5cl)

Dimensions: 15cm h x 7.5cm w


£16 with standard box

Crystal Goblet Large

Capacity: 12fl oz (35cl)

Dimensions: 18cm h x 8.5cm w


£19.95 with standard box

 Champagne Flutes

 Champagne Flutes - from left to right

Dartington Lily Champagne Flute. Height 25cm .                                     Weight   230gms .  £23.50

Dartington Debut Champagne Flute Height 22cm .                               Weight 130gms   £10.00

Royal Crystal Rock Champagne Flute Height 23cm .                               Weight 166gms   £4.50

Arc France Champagne Flute Height 22cm .                                               Weight 136gms.     £3.00

All of these flutes have the manufacturers name etched on the base.

Dartington Lily Flute  - left                               

A stylish collection in hand made crystal, featuring a mouth-blown slender bubble in each stem.This tall and elegant design is ideal for celebrating special occasions. It's an excellent choice for Champagne and sparkling wines. Handmade in Devon.

Atlantis Crystal Flight Champagne Flute

high quality 30% lead cryastal 5fl oz (15cl)

height 22.5cm width 6cm

weight 270gms



Debut Flute 


Classically designed,


crystal glasses

are tough and

durable for

everyday use.

Dartington Crystal Lily Goblet.Beautiful crystal wine goblets hand made in England which feature a unique mouth blown bubble in each stem. They can be used as a multi-purpose wine glass for a variety of still wine; red, white or rose or as a water glass. 

Capacity: 16fl oz (44cl)

Dimensions:                             21cm height. 9cm width

Weight: 356 gms.

£24.50   with standard Dartington box

Nancy Wine Glass

Capacity: 11fl oz (32cl)

Dimensions:                           19.5cm h x 8cm w

Weight: 166gms


Frank Thrower Studio Glass. This Claret glass has all the individuality of hand make glass. With slight irregularities and small air bubbles that are sign of hand made pieces. 

Capacity: 9fl oz (25.5cl)

Dimensions:                           20cm h x 7.5cm w

Weight: 178gms


Lola Wine Glass 

Capacity: 9fl oz. (25.5cl)

Dimensions:                             18.5cm h x 9cm w

Weight: 222gms


Basic Wine Taster Glass

Capacity: 6fl oz (17cl)

Dimensions: 15cm h x 6.5cm

Weight: 130gms




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